Session Committees

Budget and Trustee Relations

The goal of the Budget and Trustee Relations is to foster excellent communication between the Session and Trustees.  An elected member of the Session meets with the Trustees each month and reports to the Session.  The Session meets jointly with the Trustees annually.

Christian Education Committee

The work of the Christian Education Committee encompasses Sunday School, Scouts, Vacation Bible School, Youth Fellowship and Summer Youth Academy.  The mission is to provide for the growth of members in their desire to minister through education.

Outreach Committee

The Outreach Committee has the responsibility to represent the church within the community.  The members are also commissioned to represent Cote Brilliante Presbyterian Church at the Presbytery meetings.

Evangelism Committee

The mission of the Evangelism Committee is to promote and mentor membership within the church and to spread through words and deeds that Jesus Christ is Lord.

Stewardship and Interpretation Committee

The Stewardship and Interpretation Committee is responsible for the church’s stewardship of time, talent and resources.  The committee seeks to develop effective and informative ways to encourage participation in projects and to show the congregation that stewardship is the life of the church.

Worship and Personnel Committee

The mission of the Worship and Personnel Committee is to enhance the ministry of the church through provision of Christian service and advice to the leadership and the congregation.