Adult Fellowship – Adventurers


The Adventurers Club was founded over fifty years ago by a group of single and married civic-minded members of the church. The members engage in social and community programs that positively impact the St Louis metro area. Community outreach efforts include food and clothing drives as well as workshops and seminars on topics that promote awareness of issues that impact our communities. Social activities include touring locally and nationally.


  • Louis Cross – (314) 306-6980


“Boosters” lift spirits of all members of Cote Brilliante Presbyterian Church through Christian fellowship, genuine love, and concern for one another. Activities are designed to reach out, serve and support the church and others in need. Thus, the founders chose the name, “BOOSTERS” to identify this organization. The group sponsors “Soul Food” Sunday during African American history month, hosting receptions after concerts, working as volunteers during the Summer Youth Academy and supporting other activities as requested. If you are interested in supporting Christian fellowship and love, please join us and help give our church a “BOOST”!

J.O.Y. Club

The J.O.Y. Club is an organization whose belief is to live our lives in the following order: Jesus, Others and then Yourself. Always put Jesus first in your life, serve others, and also do things for yourself.

Fundraisers generate income to provide support to children with school supplies, Easter celebrations, Santa Workshop, and Trunk or Treat. Also, contributions are made to other ministries such as the Community Outreach Program and William G. Gillespie Scholarship Fund.


The Pilots is the oldest service organization of the church. The mission is to provide Christian fellowship for church members while leading the way in helping those in need and to provide, support, care and concern to members who may be having life issues.

Fund-raising activities (annual Jazz Concert and “Afternoon on the Town Luncheon”) provide fellowship and support the William G. Gillespie Scholarship Fund, Youth Fellowship and other church activities as needed.

The Pilots meet on the 2nd Sunday after worship service. New members are encouraged.

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